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Codycross Sports Answers

Question: A Date Which Will Live In By FD Roosevelt
Solution: Infamy

Question: Acrophobia Is A Fear Of Heights
Solution: Severe

Question: African Nation North Of Lake Victoria
Solution: Uganda

Question: Bowlers First Goal All Ten Pins In One Roll
Solution: Strike

Question: Computer Controlled Enemies In Video Games
Solution: Bosses

Question: Key On A Map Tells What Symbols Mean
Solution: Legend

Question: Los Angeles Soccer Team That Landed Beckham
Solution: Galaxy

Question: Number System With Only Two Symbols
Solution: Binary

Question: Rum Based Polynesian Cocktail
Solution: Mai tai

Question: Scissors Used To Cut Lambs Wool
Solution: Shears

Question: Soak In Hot Water To Release The Flavour
Solution: Infuse

Question: To Join Or Fasten One Thing To Another
Solution: Attach

Question: What The First S In USSR Stood For
Solution: Soviet

Question: What You Hear Before Train Departure All
Solution: Aboard

Question: Harris Creator Of Hannibal
Solution: Thomas

Question: Royale David Niven Spy Film
Solution: Casino

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