Codycross Sports Group 154 Puzzle 5 Answers

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Codycross Sports Answers

Question: A General Improvement In Appearance
Solution: Makeover

Question: A Villain Hideout In The Spy Who Loved Me
Solution: Atlantis

Question: Cream Filled Yellow Cakes
Solution: Twinkies

Question: Good Company On The Road Is The Cut
Solution: Shortest

Question: Kitchenware You Can Use To Make Soup
Solution: Stock pot

Question: Letter Pad On Computers Can Be Found On A Piano
Solution: Keyboard

Question: Long Excursion In A Car
Solution: Road trip

Question: Marijuana Helps Some With This Seizure Disorder
Solution: Epilepsy

Question: Medical Term For Being Abnormally Small
Solution: Dwarfism

Question: One Of Tchaikovskys Most Popular Ballets
Solution: Swan lake

Question: Pre Google TV Guy Who Could Fix Everything
Solution: Macgyver

Question: Relating To Ancient Greece Before Alexander
Solution: Hellenic

Question: Secondary Act At A Circus Or Fair
Solution: Sideshow

Question: Short Candle Illuminates Decorations At Christmas
Solution: Tealight

Question: Tepid
Solution: Lukewarm

Question: The Numbers 100 To 999
Solution: Hundreds

Question: The One Who Fights In The Sport Of Wrestling
Solution: Wrestler

Question: The Pen Is Than The Sword
Solution: Mightier

Question: Tree Fellers Power Tool
Solution: Chainsaw

Question: With A Separate Price For Each Item On The Menu
Solution: A la carte

Question: Worthless Ineffective
Solution: Feckless

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