Codycross Sports Group 154 Puzzle 4 Answers

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Codycross Sports Answers

Question: Admit Something Is A Fact
Solution: Concede

Question: Beijing Had This Type Of Ruler When It Was Pekin
Solution: Emperor

Question: Chubby Had Everyone Doing The Twist In 1960
Solution: Checker

Question: Doctor Usually Refers To A Doctor MD PhD
Solution: Medical

Question: Etymological Meaning Of Zebra
Solution: Wild ass

Question: Eyewear To Protect Those Who Work With Chemicals
Solution: Goggles

Question: Fork Like Spear Popular Gum Brand
Solution: Trident

Question: Fruit With One Seed Native To Mexico
Solution: Avocado

Question: Laughing Hyena Comes In Striped And Types
Solution: Spotted

Question: Low Seat Without A Back Also Known As Footstool
Solution: Ottoman

Question: Most Stupid Or Silly Like A Brush
Solution: Daftest

Question: NYC Area Short For Triangle Below Canal Street
Solution: Tribeca

Question: Nickname To The Baseball Playing Field
Solution: Diamond

Question: Person Seeking Wartime Sanctuary In A New Country
Solution: Refugee

Question: Protective Eyewear Worn In A Pool Or Science Lab
Solution: Goggles

Question: Queen Annes Blackbeards Ship
Solution: Revenge

Question: Roman Goddess Of War Conquest And Peace
Solution: Bellona

Question: Salad Plant That Can Be Iceberg Or Romaine
Solution: Lettuce

Question: Several Defensive Baseball Positions
Solution: Fielder

Question: Shakespeares Tragedy About Racism And Jealousy
Solution: Othello

Question: Someone Who Has A Deep Knowledge Of A Subject
Solution: Scholar

Question: Something You Feel When Theres Nothing To Do
Solution: Boredom

Question: Sport Of Throwing An 8ft Spear
Solution: Javelin

Question: The Capital Of New Hampshire
Solution: Concord

Question: To Mix Together Two Foods
Solution: Combine

Question: Visual Descriptions In Literature Like Pictures
Solution: Imagery

Question: Well Groomed French Lady
Solution: Soignee

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