Codycross Sports Group 154 Puzzle 3 Answers

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Codycross Sports Answers

Question: A Place Where One Shouldnt Leave His Her Manners
Solution: Doorstep

Question: A Respectful Gesture Of Greeting In India
Solution: Namaskar

Question: Being The Least Light
Solution: Heaviest

Question: Canvas Backpack Used By Soldiers
Solution: Knapsack

Question: Capital Of The Chimu Culture In Peru
Solution: Chan chan

Question: Garment That Does Not Have Feet Coverings Attached
Solution: Footless

Question: Hoofed Animal That Chews The Cud
Solution: Ruminant

Question: It Is A Virtue
Solution: Patience

Question: Largest Part Of The Brain
Solution: Cerebrum

Question: Loud Resounding Noises From A Bell
Solution: Clanging

Question: Michael Writer Known Best For Jurassic Park
Solution: Crichton

Question: Mountain Range In North India And Nepal
Solution: Himalaya

Question: Pedro Alvarez Cuban Artist
Solution: Castello

Question: Period Of Time From 500 AD To 1000 AD
Solution: Dark ages

Question: Posh Spices Name Shes Married To Beckham
Solution: Victoria

Question: Serena American Tennis Player
Solution: Williams

Question: Sweet Chewy Aromatic Black Substance
Solution: Licorice

Question: The Tiniest Speck Or Component Of Something
Solution: Particle

Question: Thin Pole With Branches For Storing Headgear
Solution: Hatstand

Question: When One Presents A Counter Argument Devils
Solution: Advocate

Question: Bars Aerial Gymnastic Event
Solution: Parallel

Question: Beauty Won The Academy Awards In 2000
Solution: American

Question: Family Includes Aunts Uncles Cousins
Solution: Extended

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