Codycross Sports Group 154 Puzzle 2 Answers

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Codycross Sports Answers

Question: Ancient Babylonian Tool Made For Mass Farming
Solution: Seed drill

Question: Body Part That Connects Brain To Spinal Cord
Solution: Brain stem

Question: Breaking Down Food In The Stomach
Solution: Digesting

Question: Capital Of The Netherlands
Solution: Amsterdam

Question: Floor An Olympic Gymnastic Routine
Solution: Exercises

Question: Flower Bud Vegetable With Edible Hearts
Solution: Artichoke

Question: Former Brady Bunch Mom Florence
Solution: Henderson

Question: Fresh Herb Used For Tea Gum And Toothpaste
Solution: Spearmint

Question: Gravestone Placed At The Heads Of Graves
Solution: Headstone

Question: Greco Roman Or Professional Acting Sport
Solution: Wrestling

Question: Measure Of A Computers Hard Drive Capacity
Solution: Gigabytes

Question: Piece Of Wood Placed Not At The Foot Of The Bed
Solution: Headboard

Question: Pope Who Launched A 6th Century Mission
Solution: St gregory

Question: Riding A Bicycle
Solution: Cycling

Question: Signed Name Inscribed On A Banknote
Solution: Signature

Question: Sunset Classic Movie With Gloria Swanson
Solution: Boulevard

Question: Ursine Soft Toy
Solution: Teddy bear

Question: Use A Calculator To The Volume Of A Cylinder
Solution: Calculate

Question: G Inarritu Director Of Birdman
Solution: Alejandro

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