Codycross Sports Group 154 Puzzle 1 Answers

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Codycross Sports Answers

Question: An Elongated Shape
Solution: Oblong

Question: Ancient Mound Of Earth Covering Burials
Solution: Barrow

Question: Brothers Who First Successfully Flew In 1903
Solution: Wright

Question: Brush Usually With Feathers Used For Cleaning
Solution: Duster

Question: Car Ride On Tracks Coaster
Solution: Roller

Question: Crystal Mineral Often Used In Jewelry
Solution: Quartz

Question: Device Polishes Improves Chocolate Quality
Solution: Conche

Question: Feeling Of A Current Event Thats Happened Before
Solution: Deja vu

Question: Former UFC Champ Chuck The Liddel
Solution: Iceman

Question: High End Shoe Designer Blahnik
Solution: Manolo

Question: Last Bowler On A Team Keeps Team From Drifting
Solution: Anchor

Question: Mary Jo Buttafuoco Shooter Amy
Solution: Fisher

Question: Mediterranean Nation With Greek Turkish Pops
Solution: Cyprus

Question: Sensation Of A Current Event Happening In The Past
Solution: Deja vu

Question: Strong Muscular
Solution: Brawny

Question: To Look Over Something Again For Errors
Solution: Review

Question: Ving Mission Impossible Pulp Fiction Actor
Solution: Rhames

Question: Table Furniture For Communal Eating
Solution: Dining

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