Codycross Sports Group 153 Puzzle 5 Answers

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Codycross Sports Answers

Question: Another Term For The Sword Lily
Solution: Gladiolus

Question: Can Be Changed
Solution: Alterable

Question: Colloquial Term For Affordable Care Act
Solution: Obamacare

Question: Dish That Is Cooked In An Oven Green Bean
Solution: Casserole

Question: Drawing Or Painting Roughly
Solution: Sketching

Question: Harry Potters Friend Luna Is Sorted In This House
Solution: Ravenclaw

Question: Heavier Eg The Side Of An Argument
Solution: Weightier

Question: Large Animal With Tusks Symbols Of Health Wealth
Solution: Elephants

Question: Medieval Church Music
Solution: Plainsong

Question: Music With Jazz Banjos And Harmonious Vocals
Solution: Bluegrass

Question: Repugnant Sickening
Solution: Abhorrent

Question: Shortening A Book
Solution: Abridging

Question: Spiky High Heels
Solution: Stilettos

Question: State Of Having Two Sides That Are Not The Same
Solution: Asymmetry

Question: Workplace Comedy Starring Andy Dick Phil Hartman
Solution: Newsradio

Question: Meyer Famous For Her Series About Vampires
Solution: Stephenie

Question: Soldierfish Are Reddish With Large Eyes
Solution: Blotcheye

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