Codycross Sports Group 153 Puzzle 4 Answers

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Codycross Sports Answers

Question: Breed Of Dog Originated In Germany
Solution: Pinscher

Question: Center Of A Target What The Shooter Aims For
Solution: Bullseye

Question: City Of Flowers Per Eccellenza
Solution: Florence

Question: Davy Folk Hero Killed At The Alamo
Solution: Crockett

Question: Feeling Of Hatred For Someone
Solution: Loathing

Question: Form Of Address For Young German Woman
Solution: Fraulein

Question: Form Of Baseball Played With A Larger Ball
Solution: Softball

Question: Galaxy That Contains Our System
Solution: Milky way

Question: Light Azure Hue Associated With Newborns
Solution: Baby blue

Question: Main Ingredient In The Fermented Paste Miso
Solution: Soybeans

Question: Part Of The Face Above The Eyes And Below The Hair
Solution: Forehead

Question: Sylvia Movie With Katharine Hepburn
Solution: Scarlett

Question: The Time When All Men Will Be Judged
Solution: Doomsday

Question: To Explode Something Such As Dynamite
Solution: Detonate

Question: Traffic That Is Coming Towards You
Solution: Oncoming

Question: Life The Tagline Associated With Panasonic
Solution: Ideas for

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