Codycross Sports Group 153 Puzzle 3 Answers

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Codycross Sports Answers

Question: A Piece Of Electronic Equipment Often Portable
Solution: Device

Question: Around The World In Days By Jules Verne
Solution: Eighty

Question: Battle Of Bank Site Of The Blucher Sinking
Solution: Dogger

Question: Capital Of Germany
Solution: Berlin

Question: Claim Assert
Solution: Allege

Question: Feeling Sick In Your Stomach
Solution: Nausea

Question: Golf Club To Strike The Ball Gently To The Hole
Solution: Putter

Question: Item Made For An Electrical Purpose Cell Phone
Solution: Device

Question: John Mellencamp Rocker Of Jack And Diane
Solution: Cougar

Question: Kiss Of The Woman Stuck In Brazilian Prison
Solution: Spider

Question: List Of People Groups Units For Events
Solution: Roster

Question: Lone Tonto Hi Yo Silver Started On Radio
Solution: Ranger

Question: Pit On A Tree
Solution: Hollow

Question: Reaction To Gluten Disease
Solution: Celiac

Question: Sick Feeling In Your Stomach
Solution: Nausea

Question: The Original Ultimate Fighter
Solution: Gracie

Question: These Public Transit Carriages Run On Railways
Solution: Trains

Question: Title Character In John Greens First Novel
Solution: Alaska

Question: To Speak Of Something Indirectly
Solution: Allude

Question: Type Of Galaxy Consisting In A Flat Rotating Disk
Solution: Spiral

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