Codycross Sports Group 152 Puzzle 5 Answers

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Codycross Sports Answers

Question: A Belgian Whodunnit Solver
Solution: Poirot

Question: Archeological Remains In The Saqqara Necropolis
Solution: Djoser

Question: BC Is Home To The Worlds Largest Stick
Solution: Hockey

Question: Band Featuring Sting And Andy Summers The
Solution: Police

Question: Candleshoe Is A 1977 Film Starring Jodie
Solution: Foster

Question: Country Where Brie Cheese Originated
Solution: France

Question: Dealing With Something Minimizing Stress
Solution: Coping

Question: Dealing With Something Reducing Stress
Solution: Coping

Question: Facial Better Known As Kleenex
Solution: Tissue

Question: Gadget Device Trinket Misc Items
Solution: Doodad

Question: Human Heart Pressure Can Shoot Blood Feet
Solution: Thirty

Question: Icons Used Online To Express Emotions
Solution: Emojis

Question: MMA Hold Of An Arm Held Between Thighs
Solution: Armbar

Question: Machine With An Oven And Hob
Solution: Cooker

Question: Nice Way Of Saying Fired
Solution: Layoff

Question: Red Rock Agama Is A Smaller Lizard From Africa
Solution: Headed

Question: Season After Spring
Solution: Summer

Question: Second Largest City In Western Asia
Solution: Tehran

Question: Silent Is A WWII Submarine Combat Game
Solution: Hunter

Question: South Of Heaven West Of Hell Producer Yoakam
Solution: Dwight

Question: To Let Go Of Someone From A Job
Solution: Layoff

Question: Type Of Dark Condiment Corns
Solution: Pepper

Question: Type Of Dark Spice Has Strong Flavor
Solution: Pepper

Question: Warm Leftover Food
Solution: Reheat

Question: Unchained Jamie Foxx Plays A Freed Slave
Solution: Django

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