Codycross Sports Group 152 Puzzle 4 Answers

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Codycross Sports Answers

Question: What Cant Be Cured Must Be
Solution: Endured

Question: A Fine Woven Cotton Fabric Resembling Cambric
Solution: Batiste

Question: A Wailing Female Spirit In Irish Legend
Solution: Banshee

Question: Boisterous Celebration Horseplay
Solution: Hijinks

Question: Brings To An Untimely End
Solution: Cuts off

Question: Disagrees In Court
Solution: Objects

Question: Drawn Away Taken
Solution: Abduced

Question: Harry Potters Godfather Escaped From This Prison
Solution: Azkaban

Question: Medical Condition Of People Over Ideal Weight
Solution: Obesity

Question: Place Where Beer Is Made
Solution: Brewery

Question: Praise God By Attending Church
Solution: Worship

Question: Ruin Downfall
Solution: Undoing

Question: Small Japanese Style Grill For Outdoor Cooking
Solution: Hibachi

Question: Soft Thick Warm Wool Fabric Usually Plaid
Solution: Flannel

Question: Someone Who Installs And Repairs Plumbing
Solution: Plumber

Question: Someone Who Repairs Plumbing
Solution: Plumber

Question: Something Worked On For A Period Of Time
Solution: Project

Question: The Chosen Family
Solution: Friends

Question: The Most Famous Pokemon
Solution: Pikachu

Question: The Way One Feels For Paying Through The Nose
Solution: Fleeced

Question: This Evening
Solution: Tonight

Question: Traveling Down A River On A Raft
Solution: Rafting

Question: Tropical Disease Means Bad Air In Italian
Solution: Malaria

Question: Voyaging Down A River On A Raft
Solution: Rafting

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