Codycross Sports Group 152 Puzzle 3 Answers

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Codycross Sports Answers

Question: Believable Credible
Solution: Plausible

Question: Calista Who Played Young Lawyer Ali McBeal
Solution: Flockhart

Question: Catalonian La Liga Side
Solution: Barcelona

Question: Famous Recording Studio Located In London
Solution: Abbey road

Question: Fundraiser Which Involves Exercising At Steady Pace
Solution: Walkathon

Question: In Greek Sirens Lure Sailors To Their Death
Solution: Mythology

Question: In The Simpsons Man Stars On Channel Ocho
Solution: Bumblebee

Question: It Has Hairy Skin And Green Flesh
Solution: Kiwifruit

Question: Less Scary Name For Halitosis
Solution: Bad breath

Question: Obsequious Behavior In School A Teachers Pet
Solution: Brown nose

Question: Puncture With Tiny Holes Like Around A Stamp
Solution: Perforate

Question: Someone Who Specializes In Animal Studies
Solution: Zoologist

Question: Someone Who Studies Animals
Solution: Zoologist

Question: Thin Membrane Singers Loudspeaker
Solution: Diaphragm

Question: Type Of Holiday Cake Made With Fruit And Nuts
Solution: Fruitcake

Question: Wired Device For Cutting Cooked Yolks And Whites
Solution: Egg slicer

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