Codycross Sports Group 152 Puzzle 2 Answers

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Codycross Sports Answers

Question: A Babys Toy That Makes A Noise When Shaken
Solution: Rattle

Question: Agreement Harmony Voluntarily
Solution: Accord

Question: Artemis Can Also Be Referred To As
Solution: Phoebe

Question: Bluish Purple Color Also A Flowering Plant
Solution: Orchid

Question: Footwear For Moving On Ice
Solution: Skates

Question: In A World Danish Golden Globe Oscar Winner
Solution: Better

Question: Like His Dad Prime Minister Of Canada Trudeau
Solution: Justin

Question: Manhattan Building Outside Which Lennon Was Shot
Solution: Dakota

Question: Prince Harry Duke Of
Solution: Sussex

Question: Punctuation Mark Joins Words
Solution: Hyphen

Question: South African Uni Named After A Colonial Statesman
Solution: Rhodes

Question: The Great Tower Or Innermost Keep Of A Castle
Solution: Donjon

Question: This Doctor Turns Into Mr Hyde
Solution: Jekyll

Question: Three Toads Are Good Luck In Asian Cultures
Solution: Legged

Question: Three Legged Supportive Stand For Cameras
Solution: Tripod

Question: UFC Fighter Anderson Da Silvas Nickname
Solution: Spider

Question: Walter Whites Wife In Breaking Bad
Solution: Skyler

Question: What Astronauts Use To Go Into Space
Solution: Rocket

Question: Tull Inventor Of An Agricultural Seed Drill
Solution: Jethro

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