Codycross Sports Group 152 Puzzle 1 Answers

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Codycross Sports Answers

Question: A Childs First Toilet
Solution: Diaper

Question: Arabic Capital Has Largest Female University
Solution: Riyadh

Question: Armenian Flatbread Made In A Tandoor
Solution: Lavash

Question: Beach Ball Started In California In 1920s
Solution: Volley

Question: Fine Lines Of Damage
Solution: Cracks

Question: Google Googles Web Browser
Solution: Chrome

Question: Greek Goddess Of The Day
Solution: Hemera

Question: Groundskeeper Janitor In The Simpsons
Solution: Willie

Question: In Sci Fi Human With Computerised Items Inside Him
Solution: Cyborg

Question: Just A Website For Fundraising For Charity
Solution: Giving

Question: Lacking Entirely
Solution: Devoid

Question: Long Journey By Sea
Solution: Voyage

Question: Not Present
Solution: Absent

Question: Roman God Of Fire And Metalworking
Solution: Vulcan

Question: Swiss Brand Best Known For Its Chocolates
Solution: Nestle

Question: The Devil With The Three Hairs 1812 Tale
Solution: Golden

Question: To Meet The Band After A Concert Back Stage
Solution: Access

Question: Vehicle Fuel Type Italian Fashion Brand
Solution: Diesel

Question: Worker Who Puts Something Over Your Head
Solution: Roofer

Question: X Men Star Rogue Anna
Solution: Paquin

Question: Get One Free Is Also Known As Bogof
Solution: Buy one

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