Codycross Sports Group 151 Puzzle 5 Answers

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Codycross Sports Answers

Question: American Gothic Painter First Name Surname
Solution: Grant wood

Question: Baby Rabbit Playboy Club Waitress
Solution: Bunny girl

Question: Candy Made From The Beans Of A Cacao Tree
Solution: Chocolate

Question: Curved Club Designed To Return To The Thrower
Solution: Boomerang

Question: Deviation From Planned Lines
Solution: Off script

Question: Final Move In Chess
Solution: Checkmate

Question: Having The Quality Of Darkness
Solution: Blackness

Question: He Was Also Known As Marion Mitchell Morrison
Solution: John wayne

Question: Industrial Dutch Town Home Of PSV Soccer Team
Solution: Eindhoven

Question: Reddish Brown Ape
Solution: Orangutan

Question: Sedimentary Rock Composed Of Carbonate Materials
Solution: Limestone

Question: Small Dainty French Cake Or Morsel
Solution: Petit four

Question: Someone Who Conducts A Taxi
Solution: Cabdriver

Question: Sticky Adhesive For Kids In Convenient Form
Solution: Glue stick

Question: Empire TV Show About Gambling In Atlantic City
Solution: Boardwalk

Question: Sea Urchins Dig Into The Sand And Mud
Solution: Burrowing

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