Codycross Sports Group 151 Puzzle 4 Answers

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Codycross Sports Answers

Question: A Dark Porous Carbon From Vegetables Or Animals
Solution: Charcoal

Question: A Headphone Means Two Can Listen At Once
Solution: Splitter

Question: An Aide Memoire A Prompt
Solution: Reminder

Question: Creme French Term For English Pouring Custard
Solution: Anglaise

Question: Feathered Serpent Deity Worshipped By The Mayans
Solution: Kukulkan

Question: Orange Like Citrus Oil That Flavors Earl Grey Tea
Solution: Bergamot

Question: Resident Of Land Surrounded By Water
Solution: Islander

Question: Short Stiff Hairs On A Brush
Solution: Bristles

Question: Small Flying Insect That Bites And Sucks Blood
Solution: Mosquito

Question: Sport Of Paddling A Canoe With One Paddle
Solution: Canoeing

Question: State Farm Jingle Like A Good
Solution: Neighbor

Question: Teeth
Solution: Grinders

Question: Unconventional Protagonist
Solution: Antihero

Question: Theft Stealing Someones Information A Crime
Solution: Identity

Question: Vertebrae The Neck Bones
Solution: Cervical

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