Codycross Sports Group 151 Puzzle 3 Answers

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Codycross Sports Answers

Question: An Educator Supporter Someone To Look Up To
Solution: Mentor

Question: Antigens Are Seen As Dangerous By This System
Solution: Immune

Question: Blue Octopus Is Extremely Venomous
Solution: Ringed

Question: Chess Piece Between The Rook And Bishop
Solution: Knight

Question: Crockery For Breakfast Food
Solution: Egg cup

Question: Flooded City Known For Elaborate Glass Pieces
Solution: Venice

Question: Honey Puffed Wheat Cereal Dig Em Frog
Solution: Smacks

Question: Infant Bed Aka Crib
Solution: Cradle

Question: Kitchen On A Ship
Solution: Galley

Question: Layered Dessert Ice Cream Toppings And Cream
Solution: Sundae

Question: Money Made By Working Paycheck
Solution: Income

Question: Mortal X Reboot Of The Classic Sega Game
Solution: Kombat

Question: Patron Of Lost Causes
Solution: St jude

Question: Pro Wrestler Turned UFC Heavyweight Champ
Solution: Lesnar

Question: Something That Physically Exists
Solution: Entity

Question: Springfields Police Chief Father Of Dopey Kid
Solution: Wiggum

Question: The British One Spread From Australia To Canada
Solution: Empire

Question: Devil Flying Biped With Hooves
Solution: Jersey

Question: Percent Of Extinct Species Are Birds
Solution: Ninety

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