Codycross Sports Group 151 Puzzle 2 Answers

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Codycross Sports Answers

Question: Angler
Solution: Fisherman

Question: Capital Of Iceland
Solution: Reykjavik

Question: Contract Between Two Entities
Solution: Agreement

Question: Covered With Spices And Fried Until Dark
Solution: Blackened

Question: Game In Which Players Hit Opponents With A Ball
Solution: Dodgeball

Question: Home To The Grand Ole Opry
Solution: Nashville

Question: In Legend He Lured Rats From Hamelin
Solution: Pied piper

Question: Male Attendants Of The Bridegroom At A Wedding
Solution: Groomsmen

Question: Medical Term For Inflammation Of The Kidneys
Solution: Nephritis

Question: Often Marbled These Secure The Book To The Cover
Solution: Endpapers

Question: Olivia De Sister Of Joan Fontaine
Solution: Havilland

Question: Tennis Official
Solution: Line judge

Question: The Name Of Cambodia Under The Khmer Rouge
Solution: Kampuchea

Question: The Place Where One Must Draw The Line
Solution: Somewhere

Question: This Website Asks Users To Pin Photos
Solution: Pinterest

Question: Europe REM Hit With No Transistors
Solution: Radio free

Question: Fire Anemone Can Cause Painful Stings
Solution: Branching

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