Codycross Sports Group 151 Puzzle 1 Answers

Codycross Answers Sports

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Codycross Sports Answers

Question: 10 Years One
Solution: Decade

Question: A Period Of Ten Years
Solution: Decade

Question: Aircraft Used In The Military And For Fun
Solution: Drones

Question: Ancient Structure Of A Lion With A Human Head
Solution: Sphinx

Question: Asian Crab Is A Swimming Crab Species
Solution: Paddle

Question: Country Where Haifa Is Located
Solution: Israel

Question: EL AL Is The National Airline Of This Country
Solution: Israel

Question: Isaac Russian American Writer Of Sci Fi
Solution: Asimov

Question: Preference For Modern Everyday Subject Matter
Solution: Verism

Question: River Of Worlds Largest Waterfall System
Solution: Iguacu

Question: Standing With Hands On Hips Elbows Turned Out
Solution: Akimbo

Question: TV Presenter Paul Who Loves Dogs And Dressing Up
Solution: Ogrady

Question: They Protect And Keep The Hands Warm
Solution: Gloves

Question: They Protect And Keep The Hands Warm During Winter
Solution: Gloves

Question: To Get Your Money Back
Solution: Refund

Question: To Plan Something Artistically
Solution: Design

Question: To Plan Something Artistically And Skillfully
Solution: Design

Question: Very Slim
Solution: Skinny

Question: Will Smith Character In Men In Black
Solution: Agent j

Question: Lee To Kill A Mockingbird Author
Solution: Harper

Question: Night Football Featured Pigskin Match
Solution: Monday

Question: Dazzle Showy Show Business And Jazz Hands
Solution: Razzle

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