Codycross Sports Group 150 Puzzle 5 Answers

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Codycross Sports Answers

Question: You Might Be A Redneck If Comic Jeff
Solution: Foxworthy

Question: A Investigates A Criminal Case
Solution: Detective

Question: Amy Adams Is The Princess In This Disney Film
Solution: Enchanted

Question: Animal That Relies Solely On Plant Matter For Food
Solution: Herbivore

Question: Atari Arthropod Shooting Arcade Game
Solution: Centipede

Question: Benders Last Name On Futurama
Solution: Rodriguez

Question: Box Shaped Musical Instrument With Keys On The Side
Solution: Accordion

Question: Clumsy Comedy Embarrassing Situation
Solution: Slapstick

Question: Driven By The Movement Of Liquid In Confined Spaces
Solution: Hydraulic

Question: Educational Excursion
Solution: Field trip

Question: Even Homer Nods
Solution: Sometimes

Question: Jeff You Might Be A Rednecks Author
Solution: Foxworthy

Question: Kitchen Device Which Is Used To Open Containers
Solution: Jar opener

Question: Large Tropical Yellow Fruit With Hard Skin
Solution: Pineapple

Question: Name By Which The Romans Called Scotland
Solution: Caledonia

Question: Odonate Insect Larger Than Damselflies
Solution: Dragonfly

Question: Outdoor Devices Using Lunar Rays To Estimate Time
Solution: Moondials

Question: Patterned Sheets Stuck To Vertical Surfaces In Rooms
Solution: Wallpaper

Question: Piercing Meat With A Metal Spike For Cooking
Solution: Skewering

Question: Powered By Water Pressure
Solution: Hydraulic

Question: Replacement Of Outer Layer After Severe Burns
Solution: Skin graft

Question: Springtime Yellow Root Its Seeds Float Away
Solution: Dandelion

Question: Stinky Study That Focuses On Garbage
Solution: Garbology

Question: Turn From A Liquid Into A Gas
Solution: Evaporate

Question: Yellow Flower Its Seeds Float Away
Solution: Dandelion

Question: Of The Sick Last Rite For Catholics
Solution: Anointing

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