Codycross Sports Group 150 Puzzle 4 Answers

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Codycross Sports Answers

Question: Building Where Goods Are Manufactured
Solution: Factory

Question: Character Of An Animated Series About A Gorilla
Solution: Magilla

Question: Founder Leader Of A Sect In Indian Religions
Solution: Acharya

Question: French Word For A Closet Or Wardrobe
Solution: Armoire

Question: Goes From The Shoulder To The Elbow
Solution: Humerus

Question: Information Sets Mined By Companies
Solution: Big data

Question: Marinating That Uses Salt
Solution: Brining

Question: Military School
Solution: Academy

Question: Name Of The Charlotte Hornets 2004 2014
Solution: Bobcats

Question: Raised Area Of Land With Stepped Levels
Solution: Terrace

Question: Romance With Audrey Hepburn And Humphrey Bogart
Solution: Sabrina

Question: Something Passed Down Through Genes
Solution: Genetic

Question: The O In AOC French Word
Solution: Origine

Question: The Home To A Dane
Solution: Denmark

Question: They Came To Agatha Christie Novel Set In Iraq
Solution: Baghdad

Question: Two Wheeled Transport
Solution: Bicycle

Question: Unit Of Heat Measurement Of Food Energy
Solution: Calorie

Question: Domain States Right To Take Private Property
Solution: Eminent

Question: Jones Diary Jane Austen Inspired Comedy
Solution: Bridget

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