Codycross Sports Group 150 Puzzle 2 Answers

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Codycross Sports Answers

Question: Along With The Concord A Revolutionary Battle
Solution: Lexington

Question: An Area For The Manufacture Or Assembly Of Objects
Solution: Cleanroom

Question: DOS Disk System
Solution: Operating

Question: Disease Caused By A Mosquito Bite
Solution: Zika virus

Question: Dog Day Al Pacino Tries To Rob A Brooklyn Bank
Solution: Afternoon

Question: ETA Stands For Estimated Time
Solution: Of arrival

Question: Escapade Emprise Experience
Solution: Adventure

Question: Italian Semi Firm Aged Sheep Cheese
Solution: Crotonese

Question: Jump Out Of A Plane With A Parachute
Solution: Skydiving

Question: Latest Nobel Prize With First Winners In 1969
Solution: Economics

Question: Mosquito Disease Causes Small Heads In Newborns
Solution: Zika virus

Question: Quiet Solitude Privacy
Solution: Seclusion

Question: Shaped Like A Three Dimensional Circle
Solution: Spherical

Question: Spark Induced Gun
Solution: Flintlock

Question: Straight Single Grip Sword Used For Thrusting
Solution: Backsword

Question: The Earth Is Hit By 100 Times A Second
Solution: Lightning

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