Codycross Sports Group 150 Puzzle 1 Answers

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Codycross Sports Answers

Question: A Poorly Written Poem Meant To Be Funny
Solution: Doggerel

Question: Capital Of Serbia
Solution: Belgrade

Question: Cottonmouth Snake Is A Snake From The US
Solution: Venomous

Question: Debuted In 1966 Adventures Of The USS Enterprise
Solution: Star trek

Question: Elbow Bowel And Below Are Of One Another
Solution: Anagrams

Question: He That Commits A Fault Thinks Speaks Of It
Solution: Everyone

Question: International Relief Group For Human Suffering
Solution: Red cross

Question: It Is Called Soccer In The US
Solution: Football

Question: It Shoots Bolts
Solution: Crossbow

Question: Makeup For The Mouth Glossy Or Matte
Solution: Lipstick

Question: Male Range Of Voice Between Bass And Tenor
Solution: Baritone

Question: Sky With Heavy Clouds
Solution: Overcast

Question: State Of Rapture Or Overwhelming Emotion
Solution: Ecstatic

Question: Term For Soccer In The UK
Solution: Football

Question: This Animal Does Not Have A Brain
Solution: Starfish

Question: To Set Or Give A Value To Something
Solution: Appraise

Question: US Cheese White Inside Orange Borders
Solution: Muenster

Question: Working Vessels Near A Dock
Solution: Tug boats

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