Codycross Sports Group 149 Puzzle 5 Answers

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Codycross Sports Answers

Question: A Cowboy Of The South American Pampas
Solution: Gaucho

Question: A Tall Monument
Solution: Column

Question: Arkanoid Is Based On The Game Breakout
Solution: Arcade

Question: Asteroid Discovered By A German Scientist
Solution: Pallas

Question: Bela Hungarian Actor The Original Dracula
Solution: Lugosi

Question: Bengal Indian Big Cats With Black Stripes
Solution: Tigers

Question: Bon Good Luck Expression For Tourists
Solution: Voyage

Question: Bryan Adams Celestial Hit
Solution: Heaven

Question: Dried Grape Also Used In Oatmeal Based Cookie
Solution: Raisin

Question: Graham Crackers Chocolate Bar And Marshmallow
Solution: Smores

Question: Marylands State Bird Baltimores Mascot
Solution: Oriole

Question: Personify Something
Solution: Embody

Question: Put Thread Through The Eye Of One To Begin Sewing
Solution: Needle

Question: Some Dinosaurs Had These Bony Combs On Their Heads
Solution: Crests

Question: Substance Thrown Out As From A Volcano
Solution: Ejecta

Question: Used For Sewing
Solution: Needle

Question: Santos Right Back Played In 4 WCs For Brazil
Solution: Djalma

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