Codycross Sports Group 149 Puzzle 4 Answers

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Codycross Sports Answers

Question: Chinese Cooking Method In A Pan With Rounded Base
Solution: Wok fried

Question: Constables Lawmen
Solution: Officers

Question: Lingua Franca In Ancient Mesopotamia
Solution: Akkadian

Question: Mineral In Almost All Toothpastes Sold In US
Solution: Fluoride

Question: Paddling In A Canoe Like Boat Sitting Or Standing
Solution: Kayaking

Question: Plastic Or Rubber Item An Infant Sucks On
Solution: Pacifier

Question: Scientific Study Of Tumours
Solution: Oncology

Question: Soft Bag Designed To Carry Sporting Equipment
Solution: Athletic

Question: Stolen Pleasures Are
Solution: Sweetest

Question: Term For Bringing Your Opponent To The Ground
Solution: Takedown

Question: The Grimm 2005 Adventure Fantasy Film
Solution: Brothers

Question: Rhapsody Queen Ballad Waynes World Spoof
Solution: Bohemian

Question: Are Small Golden Animals Who Live In Water
Solution: Goldfish

Question: Sprouts And Bacon
Solution: Brussels

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