Codycross Sports Group 149 Puzzle 3 Answers

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Codycross Sports Answers

Question: A Bloom Or Blossom Fragrant And Beautiful
Solution: Flower

Question: Aeromodeling Is And Flight Of Model Planes
Solution: Design

Question: All You Need Sang The Beatles
Solution: Is love

Question: Big German Howitzer Gun Of World War I
Solution: Bertha

Question: Ground Spice Sprinkled On Eggnog
Solution: Nutmeg

Question: Image Or Character To Represent You Online
Solution: Avatar

Question: Mimi Lost In Space Actress
Solution: Rogers

Question: Minute
Solution: Atomic

Question: Miss Marples Creator Christie
Solution: Agatha

Question: Popular Italian Cheese Similar To Parmesan
Solution: Asiago

Question: Professional Fool At A Medieval Court
Solution: Jester

Question: Table Is Both For Single And Double Games
Solution: Tennis

Question: The Little Mermaids Father
Solution: Triton

Question: To Exaggerate To Take Excessive Action
Solution: Overdo

Question: Tool Used For Striking A Nail
Solution: Hammer

Question: Tracked Pursued An Animal
Solution: Hunted

Question: Trent US Singer And Songwriter
Solution: Reznor

Question: Upper Garment With Lacing Can Be A Corset
Solution: Bodice

Question: Rules Down Under Football Similar To Rugby
Solution: Aussie

Question: Sin Visually Unappealing
Solution: Ugly as

Question: Flap Scorpionfish Has A Reddish Purple Color
Solution: Paddle

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