Codycross Sports Group 149 Puzzle 2 Answers

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Codycross Sports Answers

Question: A Very Short One Piece Garment
Solution: Minidress

Question: Address Marks The Beginning Of Presidency
Solution: Inaugural

Question: An Unequal Square
Solution: Rectangle

Question: Antifungal Are Used To Treat Fungus Infections
Solution: Medicines

Question: Being Tender And Loving Showing
Solution: Affection

Question: Darren Director Of Black Swan
Solution: Aronofsky

Question: Eggs Mixed Together Some Add Milk
Solution: Scrambled

Question: Four Sided Shape With All Right Angles
Solution: Rectangle

Question: Guyanas Largest River Located Between Two Giants
Solution: Essequibo

Question: It Makes Strange Bedfellows
Solution: Adversity

Question: Liver Inflammation
Solution: Hepatitis

Question: Long Running British Time Travel Series
Solution: Doctor who

Question: One Of The Organs Used To Process Food
Solution: Intestine

Question: Purported To Free The Holy Land From Infidels
Solution: Crusaders

Question: Retribution
Solution: Vengeance

Question: Spotless Immaculate
Solution: Unsullied

Question: Taking Place Occurring
Solution: Happening

Question: This Long Haired Terrier Loves To Bark
Solution: Yorkshire

Question: User Interface Easy To Read Manages Computer
Solution: Dashboard

Question: With A To The Full To The Nth Degree
Solution: Vengeance

Question: My Pain With His Fingers
Solution: Strumming

Question: Oils Liquid Plant Extracts As Natural Remedies
Solution: Essential

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