Codycross Sports Group 149 Puzzle 1 Answers

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Codycross Sports Answers

Question: 1985 Charity Concert On Both Sides Of The Atlantic
Solution: Live aid

Question: Abiding Strictly By Ones Opinion
Solution: Adamant

Question: Against The Law
Solution: Illegal

Question: Animal A Division To Classify Natural Objects
Solution: Kingdom

Question: Chantilly Cats Are Known As The Foreign Longhair
Solution: Tiffany

Question: Dustin Who Starred In The Graduate
Solution: Hoffman

Question: Frys Girlfriend Umbriel In Futurama
Solution: Mermaid

Question: Income Payable At Intervals For Life
Solution: Annuity

Question: Instincts An Abdominal Sensation A Gut
Solution: Feeling

Question: Ogres Are Monsters Extremely Large Beasts
Solution: Massive

Question: Olympic Basketball Teams Consist Of These Players
Solution: All star

Question: One Of Batmans Enemies
Solution: Two face

Question: Sausage Coated In Cornmeal Batter On A Stick
Solution: Corndog

Question: This Brands Shiny Product Lasts Forever
Solution: De beers

Question: Tropical Fish With Sharp Teeth
Solution: Piranha

Question: What God Hath Joined Together Let No Man Put
Solution: Asunder

Question: Written Piece Online Or In A Magazine
Solution: Article

Question: DAngelo Actress Of Vacation
Solution: Beverly

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