Codycross Sports Group 148 Puzzle 5 Answers

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Codycross Sports Answers

Question: A Frog Is Not A Reptile But An
Solution: Amphibian

Question: A Song By The Velvet Underground
Solution: Sweet jane

Question: Ancient Freestyle Sport Greco Roman
Solution: Wrestling

Question: Another Word For Spying
Solution: Espionage

Question: City Where One Can Shop At The Famous Princes St
Solution: Edinburgh

Question: Discipline Which Explores Celestial Bodies
Solution: Astronomy

Question: Genus Old World Perennial Plant Edible
Solution: Asparagus

Question: LeBrons Nickname
Solution: King james

Question: Moveable Plank Bridge On A Ship
Solution: Gangplank

Question: Murder Mystery Reality TV Competition
Solution: Whodunnit

Question: People Who Fiddle And Spin Their Thumbs
Solution: Twiddlers

Question: Sideshow Bobs Middle Name In The Simpsons
Solution: Underdunk

Question: Stuffed Baked Corn Tortilla With Hot Sauce Cheese
Solution: Enchilada

Question: The Practice Of Spying Or Of Using Spies
Solution: Espionage

Question: Those In A Crowd Who Are Not The Leaders
Solution: Followers

Question: Two Dimensional Pattern Array Using Dots
Solution: Dotmatrix

Question: Very Famous Director Co Founded DreamWorks
Solution: Spielberg

Question: Wright Brothers Testing Grounds
Solution: Kittyhawk

Question: In The Of An Eye At Once Immediately
Solution: Twinkling

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