Codycross Sports Group 148 Puzzle 4 Answers

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Codycross Sports Answers

Question: 1984 Game Where You Fight Disembodied Souls
Solution: Ghosts

Question: A Play By Shakespeare Or A Tiny Village
Solution: Hamlet

Question: Ancient Hindu Celebration Festival Of Lights
Solution: Diwali

Question: Crossword Compiler
Solution: Setter

Question: Food Without A High Content Of Lipids
Solution: Low fat

Question: Herb Winter And Summer With Purple Flowers
Solution: Savory

Question: Indigenous
Solution: Native

Question: Matriarch
Solution: Mother

Question: Medicine From Plants Traditional Herbal
Solution: Remedy

Question: Only American Country With Equator And A Tropic
Solution: Brazil

Question: Prepared Dinner
Solution: Cooked

Question: Second Largest River In The World
Solution: Amazon

Question: The Spongebob Movie Out Of Water
Solution: Sponge

Question: The First Olympics Were Held Here
Solution: Athens

Question: To Stab Something
Solution: Impale

Question: Type Of Word That Gives Us Time To Think
Solution: Crutch

Question: Frogs Are Also Known As The Pac Man Frogs
Solution: Horned

Question: The Entertainer Actor Comedian
Solution: Cedric

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