Codycross Sports Group 148 Puzzle 3 Answers

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Codycross Sports Answers

Question: Accurate
Solution: Precise

Question: African Country Rich In Diamonds
Solution: Namibia

Question: Anthophobia Is Fear Or Caused By Flowers
Solution: Anxiety

Question: Australian Surfing Spot Great Reef
Solution: Barrier

Question: Eight Sided Ring Where MMA Bouts Happen
Solution: Octagon

Question: Everyone Loves This Mommas Boy Comedian
Solution: Raymond

Question: Having Modified Or Adjusted Successfully
Solution: Adapted

Question: Insect With A Red Back And Black Dots
Solution: Ladybug

Question: Ken Author Of Thrillers And Historical Novels
Solution: Follett

Question: Lawn Shoes Or Roller With Spikes
Solution: Aerator

Question: Maggie May Was This Singers Muse
Solution: Stewart

Question: Melanin Spot On The Skin
Solution: Freckle

Question: Moon Of Uranus That Has Extreme Topography
Solution: Miranda

Question: Not Being Nice On The List
Solution: Naughty

Question: Nyx Greek Of The Night
Solution: Goddess

Question: Preservative Found In Foods Such As Lunch Meat
Solution: Nitrate

Question: Rescue From Disaster
Solution: Salvage

Question: River Brother Of Joaquin Died 1993
Solution: Phoenix

Question: Skin Dot More Common On Fairer Skin
Solution: Freckle

Question: Something That Floats And Stays Above Water
Solution: Buoyant

Question: Study Of Physical History Of Rocks And Minerals
Solution: Geology

Question: Takes Place Happens
Solution: Befalls

Question: This Bird Can Run Faster Than A Horse
Solution: Ostrich

Question: To Consider Something Unworthy Despise Contempt
Solution: Disdain

Question: To Save Something From Danger Fire Water
Solution: Salvage

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