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Codycross Sports Answers

Question: A Large Frog That Makes A Loud Deep Sound
Solution: Bullfrog

Question: A Tied Fight May Go To The Judges For A
Solution: Decision

Question: Can Be Worn Eg Technology
Solution: Wearable

Question: Causing Jealousy
Solution: Enviably

Question: Grief Is To The Loss Of Someone
Solution: Reacting

Question: Holiday To Honor Hard Work Stop Using White
Solution: Labor day

Question: Island In Lesser Antilles Capital Is Bridgetown
Solution: Barbados

Question: Itchy A Cartoon In The Simpsons
Solution: Scratchy

Question: Money Present Can Be Used At Stores Restaurants
Solution: Gift card

Question: Naturally Occuring Acid Muscle Supplement
Solution: Creatine

Question: Region In The South Of France A Den For Painters
Solution: Provence

Question: Shredders Army Of Walkers
Solution: Foot clan

Question: Starred In Hitchcock Films Australian Judith
Solution: Anderson

Question: Suffix Of Draculas Hometown Meaning Trees
Solution: Sylvania

Question: This Battle Marked End Of Bonapartes Rule
Solution: Waterloo

Question: This Game Has Elements Of Baseball And Soccer
Solution: Kickball

Question: To Misappropriate Funds
Solution: Embezzle

Question: Too Young To Be Allowed To Participate
Solution: Underage

Question: Way Of Cooking On A Grill With Flavored Sauce
Solution: Barbecue

Question: Way Of Cooking On A Grill With Sticky Sauce
Solution: Barbecue

Question: Gladiators Released 1991 For Super NES
Solution: American

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