Codycross Sports Group 148 Puzzle 1 Answers

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Codycross Sports Answers

Question: Asian Capital Founded By Spaniards
Solution: Manila

Question: Being At Sea Circulating About
Solution: Afloat

Question: Circus Tent
Solution: Big top

Question: Clock Tower Properly Known As The Elizabeth Tower
Solution: Big ben

Question: Crooked Curved
Solution: Arched

Question: Food Liquor Served Flaming
Solution: Flambe

Question: Ghost Unknown Author Does Grunt Work
Solution: Writer

Question: Item That Makes Data Sharable On A Network
Solution: Server

Question: Muhammads Burial Place Islam Holy Site
Solution: Medina

Question: The Head Turtle Is Found All Over The World
Solution: Logger

Question: The Feeling Of Wanting To Eat
Solution: Hunger

Question: Tight Female Lingerie Piece
Solution: Corset

Question: To Injure By Overuse Misuse Or Excessive Pressure
Solution: Strain

Question: Vs Zombies Garden Warfare Released Feb 2014
Solution: Plants

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