Codycross Sports Group 147 Puzzle 5 Answers

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Codycross Sports Answers

Question: A Sunday Afternoon On The Of La Grande Jatte
Solution: Island

Question: All Event Is Four Gymnastic Events
Solution: Around

Question: Another Word For Prisoner
Solution: Inmate

Question: Art Form Made By Sculpting Or Casting
Solution: Statue

Question: Blake Actress Married To Ryan Reynolds
Solution: Lively

Question: Cancel Out Counterbalance
Solution: Offset

Question: Draft Drawing To Represent Chief Features
Solution: Sketch

Question: Greek Goddess Of Wisdom
Solution: Athena

Question: Ice Huts Built By The Inuit
Solution: Igloos

Question: Produce A Change In Something
Solution: Affect

Question: Projectile Fired From A Gun Or Rifle
Solution: Bullet

Question: Related To Or Coming From The Stars
Solution: Astral

Question: Savage Sam Was Disneys To Old Yeller
Solution: Sequel

Question: Stinky Or Pleasant Scientific Study Of Smell
Solution: Osmics

Question: The Pooh Is Still A Loveable Childs Cartoon
Solution: Winnie

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