Codycross Sports Group 147 Puzzle 4 Answers

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Codycross Sports Answers

Question: 7th Amendment Gives Trial By Peers Or
Solution: Jury trial

Question: A Poisonous Mushroom
Solution: Toadstool

Question: An Expert In Science
Solution: Scientist

Question: Blueish Green Mineral
Solution: Turquoise

Question: Covers Feet And Legs Pantyhose
Solution: Stockings

Question: Food Made From Cacao Seeds
Solution: Chocolate

Question: Life Is Gave Benigni An Oscar For Best Actor
Solution: Beautiful

Question: Luciano Operatic Tenor
Solution: Pavarotti

Question: Metal Named After A Dwarf Planet
Solution: Plutonium

Question: Morally Compelled
Solution: Obligated

Question: Photo Sharing App Bought By Facebook In 2012
Solution: Instagram

Question: Photo Sharing Website Specially Popular In Fashion
Solution: Instagram

Question: QA Quality
Solution: Assurance

Question: Sidelines In Soccer Longer Than Goal Lines
Solution: Touch line

Question: To Hear No Lies You Shouldnt Ask Them
Solution: Questions

Question: Vertical Pipe Used To Drain Rainwater From A Roof
Solution: Downspout

Question: Withdrawal Of A Group From A Larger Entity
Solution: Secession

Question: Wooden Clogs To Protect Costumes In Circus
Solution: Slop shoes

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