Codycross Sports Group 147 Puzzle 3 Answers

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Codycross Sports Answers

Question: Japanese Horseradish Used By Sushi Lovers
Solution: Wasabi

Question: A Means Of Entrance Or Access Abstract Or Real
Solution: Window

Question: Balkan Country At War In 1998 And 1999
Solution: Kosovo

Question: Blinded By The Light Up Like A Deuce
Solution: Revved

Question: City Which Debuted Trampolining At The Olympics
Solution: Sydney

Question: FBI Federal Of Investigation
Solution: Bureau

Question: On A Ship
Solution: Aboard

Question: Perhaps Only Saxophonist Who Is Household Name
Solution: Kenny g

Question: Russia Annexed This Ukranian Peninsula In 2014
Solution: Crimea

Question: The Night Of The Tennessee Williams Play
Solution: Iguana

Question: This Country Goes First In Summer Olympics Parade
Solution: Greece

Question: Yellow Bird In Looney Tunes
Solution: Tweety

Question: Food A Chocolate Cake With A Red Tinge
Solution: Devils

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