Codycross Sports Group 147 Puzzle 2 Answers

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Codycross Sports Answers

Question: A Metal Spoon A Cup Of Coffee Or Tea
Solution: Stirring

Question: Charivari Is A Noisy Clown In Circus
Solution: Entrance

Question: Charmander Is A Pokemon
Solution: Fire type

Question: Distilled Highly Alcoholic Drink
Solution: Absinthe

Question: Dont Cry Fish
Solution: Stinking

Question: Dutch Exotic Dancer Found To Be A Spy
Solution: Mata hari

Question: Figure Of Christ On The Cross
Solution: Crucifix

Question: Fungus Infection On These Peoples Feet
Solution: Athletes

Question: Girl Hair Style Inspired By A Horses Backend
Solution: Ponytail

Question: Gordie Howes Nickname
Solution: Mr hockey

Question: Handgun With Cylinder Of Chambers
Solution: Revolver

Question: Leaving A Room Or A Property
Solution: Vacating

Question: Not In The Know Lacks Knowledge
Solution: Ignorant

Question: Silicate Minerals Removed From Buildings
Solution: Asbestos

Question: Supporter For A Public Policy
Solution: Advocate

Question: Type Of Beach Tree Known For Its Large Leaves
Solution: Palmtree

Question: Vampire Chronicles Writer
Solution: Anne rice

Question: What Animals Have That Drives Their Behavior
Solution: Instinct

Question: Winter Sport In Which A Person Rides A Small Sled
Solution: Skeleton

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