Codycross Sports Group 147 Puzzle 1 Answers

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Codycross Sports Answers

Question: Having A Lot Of Money And Items Of Great Worth
Solution: Wealth

Question: Hell On Is About A Transcontinental Railroad
Solution: Wheels

Question: Largest Of Thailands Islands Loved By Divers
Solution: Phuket

Question: Leave A Job Hand In Notice
Solution: Resign

Question: Lee Harvey Kennedys Killer Killed Soon After
Solution: Oswald

Question: Mistress Of The Dark Horror Comedy
Solution: Elvira

Question: Now Rare In US Vitamin C Prevents It
Solution: Scurvy

Question: On Land Not At Sea
Solution: Ashore

Question: Pastry From Choux Dough Baked And Filled
Solution: Eclair

Question: Shirt For Team Members Or Team Spirit
Solution: Jersey

Question: Small Mammal Long Ears Easter Pets
Solution: Rabbit

Question: The Capital Of Canada
Solution: Ottawa

Question: The Nickname Of IFK Norrkoping
Solution: Peking

Question: To Restart A Computer
Solution: Reboot

Question: Window Covers That Pull Down
Solution: Blinds

Question: 13 Stars Tom Hanks Bill Paxton As Astronauts
Solution: Apollo

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