Codycross Sports Group 146 Puzzle 5 Answers

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Codycross Sports Answers

Question: A Chess Piece That Jumps Over All Others
Solution: Knight

Question: Antonym Of Big
Solution: Little

Question: Beer Type Includes Milk Oyster Oatmeal And Sweet
Solution: Stouts

Question: Impoverished Area That Can Be Home Of Minorities
Solution: Ghetto

Question: Lisa Collects Malibu Dolls In The Simpsons
Solution: Stacey

Question: Lizard Well Known For Being A Pet
Solution: Iguana

Question: Number Of Dots On The Highest Ranked Domino
Solution: Twelve

Question: POD Means Print On
Solution: Demand

Question: Pipe Installs Assembles Maintains Pipes
Solution: Fitter

Question: Plutos Only Natural Satellite
Solution: Charon

Question: Quickly Changing
Solution: Switch

Question: Scotch
Solution: Whisky

Question: Snow Huts Snow Houses
Solution: Igloos

Question: South Suffered With The Politics Of Apartheid
Solution: Africa

Question: Squeaky Voiced Disney Character
Solution: Mickey

Question: Skiing Aka Downhill Skiing
Solution: Alpine

Question: Teeth Usually Come Out From Ages 17 To 20
Solution: Wisdom

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