Codycross Sports Group 146 Puzzle 3 Answers

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Codycross Sports Answers

Question: A House Is Like A Hotel You Pay For A Room
Solution: Boarding

Question: A Surgical Cut
Solution: Incision

Question: Animated Corpse Di Caprio Oscar Winning Film
Solution: Revenant

Question: Any Air Polluted Large City
Solution: Big smoke

Question: Changeorg Is A Website That Makes Requests
Solution: Petition

Question: Coagulation Is Of The Blood
Solution: Clotting

Question: Dazed And Teenagers Film By Richard Linklater
Solution: Confused

Question: Do Dream Of Electric Sheep By Philip K Dick
Solution: Androids

Question: George Played By Jason Alexander In Seinfeld
Solution: Costanza

Question: Happening Twice A Year
Solution: Biannual

Question: Nautical Vessel With A Fabric Wind Catcher
Solution: Sailboat

Question: New Wardrobe And Look
Solution: Makeover

Question: Old Mesopotamian Language With Cuneiform Script
Solution: Akkadian

Question: Popular Tube Pasta Larger Than Penne
Solution: Rigatoni

Question: Shapes With Eight Sides
Solution: Octagons

Question: Tasks That Dont Seem To Have Productive Purpose
Solution: Busy work

Question: Tegestologists Collect These Ale Drip Catchers
Solution: Beer mats

Question: The Doo Wop Band That Moved Around
Solution: Drifters

Question: Upper Crust Top Drawer
Solution: Highborn

Question: What Deserves No Thanks When Forced
Solution: Kindness

Question: Winter Drink Includes Advocaat And Soda Lemonade
Solution: Snowball

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