Codycross Sports Group 146 Puzzle 2 Answers

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Codycross Sports Answers

Question: Anagram Of Artists
Solution: Straits

Question: Bone Structure Of The Head Aka Skull
Solution: Cranium

Question: Briefness Short Amount Of Time
Solution: Brevity

Question: Comic Book Avenger Played By Robert Downey Jr
Solution: Iron man

Question: Country In The Alps Known For Its Composers
Solution: Austria

Question: Creepy Psychological Drama With Jamie Dornan
Solution: The fall

Question: Food Commonly Consumed By Movie Goers
Solution: Popcorn

Question: Intricate Hairstyle
Solution: Coiffed

Question: Nickelodeon Animated Series About Toddlers
Solution: Rugrats

Question: Penalty
Solution: Forfeit

Question: People Who Are Dependent On A Substance
Solution: Addicts

Question: Propellant Derived From Fossil Matter
Solution: Synfuel

Question: Sticky Sweet Substance Made With Butter And Sugar
Solution: Caramel

Question: Sticky Sweet Substance Used To Dip Candy Apples In
Solution: Caramel

Question: Sugar After Burning
Solution: Caramel

Question: Support At The End Of A Row Of Reading Materials
Solution: Bookend

Question: Troops Placed In Proper Order For Battle
Solution: Arrayed

Question: Roden Played Lydia Martin In Teen Wolf
Solution: Holland

Question: Clean Spotless Faultless
Solution: Squeaky

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