Codycross Sports Group 146 Puzzle 1 Answers

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Codycross Sports Answers

Question: A Baby Cat
Solution: Kitten

Question: A Superb Painter Of Horses
Solution: Stubbs

Question: Agreement Anagram Of Sanest
Solution: Assent

Question: Bag Filled With Shorts Shirts Tennis Shoes
Solution: Gym bag

Question: Chasm Undersea Next To An Ocean Ridge
Solution: Valley

Question: In Codenames You Try To Find Secret Names
Solution: Agents

Question: Musical Frequency Eight
Solution: Octave

Question: The Act Of One Item Hitting Another
Solution: Impact

Question: To Walk With Long Steps
Solution: Stride

Question: Type Of Rabbit With Long Hair Wool
Solution: Angora

Question: Fitzgerald Wrote The Great Gatsby
Solution: F scott

Question: Cracker Special Companion To Soup And Chowder
Solution: Oyster

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