Codycross Sports Group 145 Puzzle 5 Answers

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Codycross Sports Answers

Question: Aerial Performer Who Uses The Head Literally
Solution: Hair hang

Question: Born In The Country Known For Its Three Pyramids
Solution: Egyptian

Question: Cooked Land Snails Popular In Western Europe
Solution: Escargot

Question: Cooking Rooms
Solution: Kitchens

Question: High Is 8000 12000 Feet Above Sea Level
Solution: Altitude

Question: In Your Face Advertising To Get You Excited
Solution: Ballyhoo

Question: Leslie Nielsens Parody Of The Skies
Solution: Airplane

Question: Mattress Filled With H2O
Solution: Water bed

Question: More Serious Than A Twisted Ankle
Solution: Sprained

Question: National Fish Of The Philippines A Pacific Fish
Solution: Milkfish

Question: Sweet Ground Almond Paste
Solution: Marzipan

Question: The Mickey Rourke Was Nominated For An Oscar
Solution: Wrestler

Question: They Believe In Full Immersion Baptisms
Solution: Baptists

Question: They Believe In Full Immersion Christenings
Solution: Baptists

Question: Twisted And Badly Hurt But Not Broken
Solution: Sprained

Question: Wheeled Object Commonly Used In The Circus
Solution: Unicycle

Question: Falls Curtain Of Falling Water On The Zambezi
Solution: Victoria

Question: Tax Tax On Excess Profits On Utilities
Solution: Windfall

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