Codycross Sports Group 145 Puzzle 4 Answers

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Codycross Sports Answers

Question: Branch Of The Arctic Ocean North Of Siberia
Solution: Kara sea

Question: Large Flightless Bird That Runs Fast
Solution: Ostrich

Question: Mini Chocolate Roll Can Also Be Found In Lollipop
Solution: Tootsie

Question: Move At Slow Pace One Step At A Time
Solution: Walking

Question: New Party Town Hurricane Katrina Victim
Solution: Orleans

Question: People Who Shoot With A Bow And Arrow
Solution: Archers

Question: Perfect Happy And Peaceful
Solution: Idyllic

Question: Poisonous Chemical Used To Kill Weeds
Solution: Arsenic

Question: Star Trek Villain Tom Hardy
Solution: Nemesis

Question: Star Trek Film With Tom Hardy As The Villain
Solution: Nemesis

Question: The Captain Yells This As The Ship Is Going Down
Solution: Abandon

Question: West Point Is A Famous Military US
Solution: Academy

Question: Wheel Of Tv Game Show Cookie With A Message
Solution: Fortune

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