Codycross Sports Group 145 Puzzle 3 Answers

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Codycross Sports Answers

Question: A Centipede A Fly Or A Mosquito
Solution: Insect

Question: A Perfect Ideal World
Solution: Utopia

Question: Charm With Magic Powers To Keep Evil Away
Solution: Amulet

Question: Chief Police Chief In The Simpsons
Solution: Wiggum

Question: Currency Note In The US
Solution: Dollar

Question: D Shape Tool Good For Cutting Tree Branches
Solution: Bow saw

Question: Egyptian God Protector Of The Dead
Solution: Anubis

Question: Force Upon
Solution: Impose

Question: Genesis Successor Used CDs Instead Of Cartridges
Solution: Saturn

Question: Groat Food Dried Cracked Wheat
Solution: Bulgur

Question: In Boxing Fighters Use This To Decrease Distance
Solution: Clinch

Question: Larger Teeth At The Back Of Your Mouth Not Wisdom
Solution: Molars

Question: Largest City In The Republic Of Ireland
Solution: Dublin

Question: Lucky Grass Like Plant And Chinese New Year Gift
Solution: Bamboo

Question: Meal Made With Melted Cheese Or Chocolate
Solution: Fondue

Question: Striped Equids
Solution: Zebras

Question: The Frog An 1842 German Fairy Tale
Solution: Prince

Question: To Laugh Chuckle
Solution: Giggle

Question: Pathi 2nd Most Important Ayyavazhi Center
Solution: Ambala

Question: Weisz The Mummy And Constantine Actress
Solution: Rachel

Question: Acid Found In Fruits Like Lemons Oranges
Solution: Citric

Question: Feather Star Has Thick Feathery Arms
Solution: Robust

Question: States A Federal Republic Formed By 50 States
Solution: United

Question: California Group Had A Hit With Desperado
Solution: Eagles

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