Codycross Sports Group 145 Puzzle 2 Answers

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Codycross Sports Answers

Question: Brand Of Warhols Soup Cans
Solution: Campbells

Question: Brownish Yellow Aka Amber
Solution: Allingite

Question: Dense Opaque Pottery
Solution: Stoneware

Question: Disagreement What A Lawyer Would Say
Solution: Objection

Question: Everybody In The Whole Jailhouse Rock Lyric
Solution: Cell block

Question: Getting Together
Solution: Gathering

Question: How High The Land Is Above Sea Level
Solution: Elevation

Question: Jamie Actress Started As The Scream Queen
Solution: Lee curtis

Question: Land By The Side Of A Lake
Solution: Lakeshore

Question: Margery A Queen Of Crime In UK Golden Age
Solution: Allingham

Question: Northern S Mouth Faces Up To Catch Prey
Solution: Stargazer

Question: Novel By Erich Segal Starts With The Death Of Jenny
Solution: Love story

Question: One Of Detroits Big Three Car Brands
Solution: Chevrolet

Question: Parisians Call This Game Vingt Et Un
Solution: Blackjack

Question: Structures That Form Part Of The Goal
Solution: Goalposts

Question: Term For Combined German Military Forces In WWII
Solution: Wehrmacht

Question: Winter Sport With A Vehicle That Slides Over Ice
Solution: Bobsleigh

Question: Watch Is From 1200 To 1600 Hours
Solution: Afternoon

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