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Codycross Sports Answers

Question: Aardwolf Is A Crime Lord On Madripoor
Solution: Island

Question: Actress Gabor Married Frederic Prinz Von Anhalt
Solution: Zsa zsa

Question: American Indian Dwelling Round Lodge
Solution: Wigwam

Question: Big Band Leader Glenn Whose Plane Disappeared
Solution: Miller

Question: Dangerous Tricks Performed In Films
Solution: Stunts

Question: Diva Soul Gospel And RB Singer Franklin
Solution: Aretha

Question: El Al The National Airline Of
Solution: Israel

Question: Fagioli E Minestri In A Ristorante And Beans
Solution: Greens

Question: Gambling Activity Used By Charities And Events
Solution: Raffle

Question: Madagascar 2 Africa Is A 2008 Cartoon
Solution: Escape

Question: Naval Enlistee
Solution: Sailor

Question: Naval Enlistee Someone Who Sails For A Living
Solution: Sailor

Question: Not Outside
Solution: Inside

Question: Panathinaikos Is A Soccer Team From This Country
Solution: Greece

Question: Pen Makes Large Colored Lines
Solution: Marker

Question: Pen Makes Large Permanent Lines
Solution: Marker

Question: Profession That Can Be Often Despised Aka Attorney
Solution: Lawyer

Question: Saw On TV
Solution: Viewed

Question: Sourdough Spongy Flatbread From Eastern Africa
Solution: Injera

Question: Spear Thrower Used By The Mayans
Solution: Atlatl

Question: Swimmer Won 28th Medal In Rio 2016
Solution: Phelps

Question: Two Audio Channels
Solution: Stereo

Question: Visions Thoughts Sensations During Sleep
Solution: Dreams

Question: Way Something Is Viewed Interpreted Regarded
Solution: Aspect

Question: Collie Is A Hard Working Herding Dog
Solution: Border

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