Codycross Sports Group 144 Puzzle 5 Answers

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Codycross Sports Answers

Question: A Bunch Of Flowers Usually Given As A Gift
Solution: Bouquet

Question: A Public Display In A Museum Or Gallery
Solution: Exhibit

Question: Alfre Actress Of Desperate Housewives
Solution: Woodard

Question: Allocates A Task
Solution: Assigns

Question: Bernini Sculpted The Of Saint Teresa
Solution: Ecstasy

Question: Clear Mineral That Looks Like Glass Or Ice
Solution: Crystal

Question: Ellen Actress Of The Exorcist
Solution: Burstyn

Question: Epistaxis Is The Term For A Nosebleed
Solution: Medical

Question: Fast Flowing Stream File Sharing Protocol
Solution: Torrent

Question: Furrowed Ones Brow
Solution: Frowned

Question: Italian Pastry With Sweet Filling
Solution: Cannoli

Question: Larger Computer System Sits On A Table
Solution: Desktop

Question: Moby Dick Narrator
Solution: Ishmael

Question: Museum Display
Solution: Exhibit

Question: One Of First Battles To Start Revolutionary War
Solution: Concord

Question: Overcharging Consumers Aka Swindle
Solution: Gouging

Question: Prestigious American University In Massachusetts
Solution: Harvard

Question: Province In The Philippines Female Name
Solution: Isabela

Question: The Electric Chair Was Invented By One
Solution: Dentist

Question: The Whole Is Than The Sum Of The Parts
Solution: Greater

Question: Using A Bow And Arrow As A Sport
Solution: Archery

Question: Utmost Change Farthest From Center Outermost
Solution: Extreme

Question: Where The Majority Of The Plays Occur In Baseball
Solution: Infield

Question: Swaray Female British Singer Sang American Boy
Solution: Estelle

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