Codycross Sports Group 144 Puzzle 4 Answers

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Codycross Sports Answers

Question: Acaryas Guru Of The World
Solution: Jagad guru

Question: Al Capones Business Card Claimed He Sold
Solution: Furniture

Question: Animate Or Inanimate Created Things
Solution: Creatures

Question: Another Word For Animals Or Beasts
Solution: Creatures

Question: Bag With Long Straps Worn Across The Chest
Solution: Crossbody

Question: Bored Of 1936 Short Comedy Film
Solution: Education

Question: Buttery Pastry Popular In Continental Breakfasts
Solution: Croissant

Question: Comic Focused On Great Dane
Solution: Marmaduke

Question: Diocese Or Episcopal See Supervised By A Bishop
Solution: Bishopric

Question: Discotheque
Solution: Nightclub

Question: Entity Formed Into An Association By Law
Solution: Corporate

Question: Food Additives Things That Improve Taste
Solution: Enhancers

Question: Honey Based US Beauty Products Company
Solution: Burts bees

Question: Lead Figure In James Pattersons Detective Novels
Solution: Alex cross

Question: Mountain Dwelling Giant Also Known As Bigfoot
Solution: Sasquatch

Question: Mystical Card That Tells The Future
Solution: Tarot card

Question: Resembling A Grown Up
Solution: Adultlike

Question: Taste Add Flavour To Food
Solution: Enhancers

Question: To Make Suffering Less Severe
Solution: Alleviate

Question: Zippers Buttons Hooks Etc
Solution: Fasteners

Question: Bass Are Bright Yellow With Black Mottling
Solution: Harlequin

Question: Peas Beans Or A Band Name
Solution: Black eyed

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