Codycross Sports Group 144 Puzzle 3 Answers

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Codycross Sports Answers

Question: Bible Book Of Phrases That Means Praises
Solution: Psalms

Question: Christoph Waltz Won An Oscar Unchained
Solution: Django

Question: Clouds Are Said To Have A Silver One
Solution: Lining

Question: Hand Phase Side
Solution: Aspect

Question: In Shrek The Third Shrek Rules Over Away
Solution: Far far

Question: Indian Buddhist Cave Temple With Wall Paintings
Solution: Ajanta

Question: Marine Food Delicacy Two Shelled Mollusc
Solution: Oyster

Question: Moses Separated This To Free His People
Solution: Red sea

Question: Musketeer Who Was Brought Up In A Monastery
Solution: Aramis

Question: Small Thin Object Used To Sew Items Together
Solution: Needle

Question: The Sword In The Stone Is About King
Solution: Arthur

Question: The Suns Daily Goodbye
Solution: Sunset

Question: Tiny Islands
Solution: Islets

Question: To Enfeeble Is To Make Feeble Or
Solution: Weaken

Question: Wooden Storage Container For Liquor
Solution: Barrel

Question: Babies Owners Consider These Collectibles
Solution: Beanie

Question: Biles US Gymnast Olympic Darling
Solution: Simone

Question: Kong Was Released By Nintendo In 1981
Solution: Donkey

Question: Onion Wedding Soup In European Countries
Solution: French

Question: Kiss The Rubbing Of Noses As A Greeting
Solution: Eskimo

Question: Of The Jedi Has The First Ewoks In Star Wars
Solution: Return

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